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** COVID-19 UPDATE ** Please remember that even though we are back to work, we are doing so with caution, and ask the same of you. For your protection and that of our employees, please ensure that you are remaining at least 6’ apart if you need to speak to our team at any point during the install, and at all times while you are in the same area, wear a mask. Anyone who has been experiencing symptoms should not make contact with the install team at all. Thanks in advance for your understanding and consideration.

Who are we?

Garage Floor Expert

Sweet Garage is Ontario’s premier installer of the highest of quality polyurea products for concrete surfaces including garages, basements, porches, patios, steps, warehouses and many other applications. Our intensive efforts in research and development allow us to revolutionize and dominate the market for concrete coatings.

Sweet Garage polyurea products have no comparable that is as strong and durable. Once dry, the coating creates a seamless membrane, easy to maintain, slip resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion and impacts. We do not use epoxy in our polyurea products.

While we don’t recommend epoxies for outdoor applications, or for garages, there are many spaces where epoxies make sense, and we will consult with our clientele on the best options for any project.

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Our Concrete Adhesion Guarantee

Sweet Garage provides an industry leading 20-year* written guarantee on concrete adhesion. Installed and dried in the same day, your concrete can be returned to full service 24 hours after installation. Sweet Garage polyuera products are VOC Free (volatile organic compounds) and therefore without solvents. (*10 years outdoors, 5 years commercial)